MiniCRM Android App

The MiniCRM app is available in the Google Play Store.

Installing MiniCRM Android app

You can download the Android app via the following link: https:/

Using MiniCRM Android app

You can use the app on smartphones and tablets as well.

After installation, tap on the MiniCRM icon on your screen to launch the app. You can log in by entering the email address and password that you use for logging into MiniCRM.

The basic functions of the online system are available in the app as well. You can also synchronize your call history with MiniCRM so your incoming, outgoing and missed calls will be displayed in History on cards. The duration of calls is also displayed.

Call statistics are produced based on Android sync so on the Reports > Work Time Efficiency page you can see the call activities of users.

For more information, see: Work Time Efficiency

Operation of MiniCRM Android app

The MiniCRM app synchronizes automatically but only if you launch it. If you launch it and log into the system, data are loaded within seconds. The speed of sync partly depends on the Internet speed but it usually takes approximately 3-10 seconds.

The app aims at finding the most relevant card. The following aspects are considered: owner of the card, default contact person of the card, last modification, last modification of a task.