Gmail - Google Apps Integration

Manage your email messages and sales processes in one place.

Integrating MiniCRM with Gmail

To install MiniCRM, click on the following link:

What is Google Apps?

  • email account? No,
  • Custom email account (@yourcompany)? Yes.

For more information, see:

What is Google Apps for?

If you are emailing with a client whose email address is already recorded in MiniCRM, the name of the client’s card will be displayed at the bottom of the email. If you click on it, the card is loaded.

By clicking on the Save email to MiniCRM button, you can save the mailing to MiniCRM so it will be seen in History on the relevant card. If more cards belong to a client, you can select one from the available ones.

If you are using Safari browser, click on Safari > Preferences > Privacy and select the Always allow option otherwise the gadget won’t work.