Pay by credit card

If you would like to pay your MiniCRM subscription fee by using a credit card, set this option on the Subscription page.

  1. Make sure you gave your Billing information (on the left side of the Subscription page).
  2. Choose the Credit card payment method and enter your credit card’s data.
  3. Click the Order button and save the time and money spent on managing payments. MiniCRM is integrated with Braintree. Your payments (subscription fee + kickstart fee, costs of sms messages) will be removed from your bank account automatically based on the invoices issued for you. You can check the current costs on the invoices sent for you by email.

What you should know

  • It is Braintree that handles the transactions so no card data is stored and processed by us. Braintree is a part of the PayPal network specialized on secure credit card payments.
  • If you choose the credit card payment option, all costs will be removed from your bank account automatically (such as subscription fee, kickstart and other costs based on use, for example, sms) so you do not need to deal with it anymore. Of course, all of your costs are listed in the system (on issued invoices), where you can check them whenever you want, but the payment method was made more simple, quick and comfortable.
  • We do not manage credit card data, only use the card that was given by you recently. If no credit card has been given yet, but you would like to pay by it, you can add its data in a popup window.
  • The following credit/debit cards are accepted by Braintree.
  • Because of your bank’s exchange rate – that is unknown for us – there can be some difference between the amount displayed on the invoice and the amount removed from your bank account.
  • Do not worry, if you set the credit card payment method, we will send you an email immediately in case of every successful or unsuccessful transaction. You can see what happened not only from the invoice’s status but from the email as well.