Search for companies, persons, cards and tasks

Search in MiniCRM

You can search for a company, contact person, card and task by using the Search field [1.1.]. It is not possible to search for cards that had been moved to Trash.


If you search without selecting a type, only cards are listed. It may happen that some items are listed because they correspond to contact persons’ data instead of the card’s data. The items are arranged in descending order of cards’ or tasks’ modification date.

Cards’ statuses are displayed as well [1.2.].

You can search for a company, contact person or task by selecting a type [1.3.]. The items are arranged in descending order of the keyword’s relevance.

The search is carried out in all titles, text boxes and email addresses. You cannot search for numbers, except phone numbers.


Search assistant

You don’t have to type the whole name of the card or contact because the system automatically lists items that correspond to the characters you have typed [2.1.].


Search for email addresses

If you type an email address, all cards are displayed on which the address is recorded among contacts.

For example, if the address is, you only have to enter “help”. But it is recommended to enter the @ sign as well.

Search for phone numbers

If you search for a phone number, you can leave out the area code.

It is enough to type only the last six characters into the Search field, because the system automatically considers it a phone number. Extra punctuation marks are not considered.

For example, you can find the phone number 07778 123456 by entering the following: 123456. Then all contacts appear where the number is recorded. However, if you leave out the last part of the number, no items will be found.

Search for numbers

You can search for values stored in number fields by using filters.

For more information, see: Filters

However, you can search for numbers (max. 5 characters) stored in text boxes and appearing in the name of cards.

To carry out an advanced search, give more filter conditions and set them properly.

For more information, see: Filters

“(Company) data shown in pictures were only created for testing.”