User roles in MiniCRM

User role


This is the highest role available, each MiniCRM system must have at least one active Admin user. (The last Admin user cannot be inactivated.)

This role is best given for business owners or CEOs, as Admins have full access to all your data and every function, can customize opportunity sheets, add new users or edit follow-up sequences.

It should be noted that Admin users can also export full customer data from MiniCRM.


Managers have no access to Settings, so they cannot customize your CRM or export customer data.

It is best to give this role to colleagues who need to check the activity of all your users, and see some reports and statistics too, like Sales team leaders.

Users should only get this role if they are motivated by seeing each other’s results. If having access to each other’s efficiency reports may cause personal problems, please think about this before giving this role to more than one member of your team!


Users with User role can only access Opportunity sheets. This role should be given to members of your sales team if they work in the same business process, and having quick access to overall customer data makes their job easier and more efficient.

MiniCRM focuses on supporting teamwork: users with this role can see each other’s sheets, todos and customer history. This can make it real easy for them to work as a team and jump in for each other when a user is not available or goes on holiday.


A restricted user can only see opportunity sheets where he is set as responsible, or where the responsible is another user BUT the restricted user has an open todo.

This role is mostly used when members of a sales team work separately and should have no access to each other’s work. Temporary users such as trainees should also be given this role.