Try MiniCRM for free, without any requirements.

  • You don’t need to install or download anything
  • You can use it for 14 days without any requirements
  • You can purchase a plan, upgrade or downgrade, or cancel anytime
Your personal data will be handled appropriately for the purposes of contract preparation by the applicable data protection regulation (GDPR).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MiniCRM? What is it for?

CRM systems organize and automate the sales process, marketing, and helpdesk. You can store every customer data in one system.

When does the free trial period start?

You can request a system anytime. The system is opened immediately after the registration is finished.

What happens after the trial period?

If you purchase a plan, we keep your data and you can continue to work in your system. If you don’t purchase a plan, your system will be inactivated.

Is my data safe and backed up?

Yes. We have SSL certificate, and you can protect your account by setting two-factor authentication (email code + password). If you cancel your subscription, you get a full backup that can be imported into a new software. Every data in your system belongs to you.

Shall I purchase a system for every colleague?

You don’t have to purchase more systems. Just add your colleagues to the system as users.

Is there a contract?

No, and there is no fixed term subscription, you can cancel your account anytime. We don’t charge extra fees and you will not be billed again.

What type of support does MiniCRM offer?

Our experienced consultants are ready to help you via phone or screen sharing.

What should I install to use the software?

MiniCRM is a cloud-based software. You only need Internet connection and a browser to use it. It is available on your PC, tablet and smartphone as well.

Is it possible to connect MiniCRM with another software?

Yes, it is possible via API. To do this, you may need developments by the other software’s providers as well.