CRM for small businesses

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Remembers everything

Tasks and automatic reminders eliminate the unnecessary errors within your company.


Simple to customise for your business needs. Choose the modules that are most needed for your success!

All round solution

Sales, customer service, marketing and invoicing can all work seamlessly together while you take care of business.

Quick Start

Import your customer data within minutes, learn the basics within days and get results within weeks!

Small investment

Achieve professional sales, customer service and marketing without the need for large investment of money and time.



Sales and MiniCRM go together like bread and butter. There is no better way to maximise profit from your sales efforts.

  • Task automations
  • Simple customer history
  • Performance reports


Collect leads through any and all advertising channels. You can maximise success with customised email campaigns.

  • Web form integration
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Segment filters

Customer service

Handle feedbacks and complaints with ease. Increase customer satisfaction, decrease time spent with complaints.

  • Ticketing
  • Automated response
  • Customer satisfaction reports


Stay up-to-date on your customers and make sales simple and more efficient. Make quality your priority. Store important information about your customers in MiniCRM and automate your work processes.

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Who is it for?


Transparent company: you can keep an eye on all areas of your business without having to be involved in every day duties. See what’s important with a glance!

Sales leaders

MiniCRM helps you organising and following tasks, keeping track of sales performance live, without any input required from you.

Sales professionals

Close deals faster than ever before, follow up on leads with the help of reminders and automations.

Marketing experts

See your campaign results with just a few clicks, only spend on campaigns that have the best ROI.

Say no to chaos, make sales simple!

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