Email sending (mass email)

Mass emails can be sent by using saved filters. Emails are sent to the cards involved in the filter.

You have several options

  Before planning an email campaign, please read our SPAM policy.

Further information: Spam: zero tolerance

Email campaign

You can send mass emails to cards involved in a saved filter. You can send the prepared email template immediately or you can schedule it for a later date.

To create a successful email campaign, you need to define the target group first. To do this, read our description about filters. More customized emails produce better results. MiniCRM offers several options to tailor templates to your needs.

Further information: Creating filters

A/B test

By A/B testing, it is decided which email template is the more effective from the two versions. The two templates are sent to a part of the target group. The rate is 50-50%. After the test (delay days), the template that has produced more click-throughs will be sent to the remaining recipients.

It is important to wait min. 2 days to collect enough click-throughs so the system can decide which template is the better.

Limiting email sending

You can limit mass email sending centrally to reduce unsubscribing. You can set daily or weekly limit. The system aggregates the number of emails sent in the current week and decides whether a customer receives the emails or not. This way you prevent recipients from receiving too many emails.

The system counts the emails sent by follow-up sequences. It is recommended to set a limit that allows sending 1-2 mass emails weekly besides the general emails. You can only limit sendings without A/B testing.

Email campaign for several days

What if a customer doesn’t receive a mass email because of limitations. Will the system send it the day after original sending, or two days after? In MiniCRM it is possible to set campaigns for such intervals.

By clicking on the Details button, you can check how many emails will be sent and on which days.

Defining the number of sent emails

You can limit email campaigns by defining the number of recipients. It is helpful in those situations when you would like to measure an email’s mid-term effect on a target group and send the email to the remaining part of the group later. Or when you undertake to send a specific number of emails (because of an order).

You see the number of filtered cards on the Limit tab in the Number of Cards field. Here you can set how many cards shall receive the email.

If you would like to send emails to a filter and the number of cards is not displayed, click on the Update button next to the Number of Cards. This way the number of cards involved in the filter is shown.

Inactivating campaigns before sending

You can inactivate those sendings that are scheduled for a later. Scheduled sendings are listed among the follow-up sequences in modules.

Only admins can stop sendings. If you have doubts about the settings of a campaign, ask for an admin’s help.

System of Email Sending

If you want to send:

  • less than 12 messages simultaneously, they will be sent immediately

  • 13-250 messages simultaneously, they will be sent with a delay of some minutes

  • 250 or more messages simultaneously, they are occasionally sent with a delay of some hours