Mobile MiniCRM (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

Accessing mobile version

Go to the website on your smartphone or tablet, tap on [Login], and enter your email address and password that you use to log into your system.

Mobile login

Using mobile MiniCRM

The mobile version includes every basic function of the online CRM system. You can:

Adding new cards

To add a new card to the system, tap on the plus sign.

Plus sign Adding new card

Search for customers, cards and tasks. Filter.

To search something, use the Search field above the list of cards.

If you tap on the horizontal lines before the module’s name, you can see the pipline, open filters, filter the cards by owners, and select a module.

Search, fowner, status Statuses

Editing and listing cards by modules

Cards are listed in the middle. You can choose another module by tapping on the horizontal lines.

To log out, tap on Logout.

Modules and cards

Cards are also divided into 3 parts (Tasks, Data, Contact).

Below the Tasks tab, you can see the tasks, send a reply, and see the history. To add a new task, tap on the plus sign and select the New todo option.

Tasks, history, card email address

If you tap on the Data tab, all card fields appear. Here you can also change the status and the owner of the card.

Adatlap adatok, mezők

If you tap on the Contact tab, you can see the contact data of a customer (company or person), and by companies the data of contact persons as well. By tapping on a phone number, you can call the customer directly.

To see the customer’s other card(s), tap on the dots next to the card’s name and select the Related projects option. To load a card, tap on its name.

Contact Adding new card


Some functions, for example, customizing fields, statuses and modules, and user settings are only available on desktop.

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