Spam Zero Tolerance

MiniCRM’s spam policy

Regarding Spam, MiniCRM applies the zero tolerance policy.

It is internationally accepted that all unsolicited bulk emails are considered spam.

You can only send mass emails by using MiniCRM if your clients gave you an explicit permission previously to send commercial emails to them. You are not allowed to send commercial emails to purchased/rented/stolen lists of addresses.
Permissions shall lapse after some months. The reason is that if you received some email addresses months ago but you didn’t send messages to them, subscribers can easily forget about their permissions. We suggest you do not send mass emails to such addresses.

If we become aware (e.g. by receiving a Spam report) that you have sent unsolicited mass emails, we reserve the right to disable the mass email sending function in your CRM system. Depending on the amount of Spam reports and your sending history, we also reserve the right to revoke access to MiniCRM.