CRM pricing

The price of a MiniCRM system varies based on what you need in terms of functionalities, app integrations and the number of users that will be using the system.

Start your free trial and one of our consultants will provide you with a custom offer, based on your particular needs.

Start your free trial

No credit card needed. No strings attached. Free for 14 days. No need to install anything. Our consultants are ready to show you the system and help you get started.

What do we offer??

MiniCRM is a cloud based all-in-one CRM software. A customisable solution, at a competitive price, with a dedicated team that supports you in implementation.

All-in-one solution

Capture leads, manage sales tasks, automate follow-up, handle support issues, send invoices, send newsletters, get actionable reports. Not just a software for sales; a valuable tool for all of your processes.


You don’t just get a software. You get a team of CRM experts to help you implement the system and to support you whenever you have problems.

Easy to learn, easy to grow

You can learn the basics of the system within days and start getting tangible results within weeks. It's easy to extend and customize. Grows with your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How does the 14-day trial work?

There are no requirements. If you don't choose a paid plan during your 14-day free trial period, you will not be billed.

What happens after the trial period?

If you choose a plan, we keep your data and you can continue to work in your system. If you don’t choose a plan, your system will be inactivated.

What are the technical requirements?

MiniCRM is a cloud-based software. You only need Internet connection and a browser (Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended). It is available on your PC, tablet and smartphone as well.

What happens to my data?

All data in your CRM belongs to you. If you cancel your subscription, you get a full backup that can be imported into a new software.

Can I change plans anytime?

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime on the Settings / Subscription page in the system. You can cancel it anytime, there is no contract.

Who counts as a user?

Members of your team who have active access to MiniCRM.

"By using MiniCRM, it is easy to manage more sales teams because only one system is needed to check them and launch projects.”

Csaba Rácz
Naspers OCS Hungary Kft.

“In MiniCRM you can really do anything because it’s like a lego. I was sure I could create my own processes with it.”

Kristóf Gál

“For us, using CRM has meant that communication has become easier, data processing has become easier, and everything has become more transparent.”

Vezse Roland