Online invoicing

Issue paper and e-invoices, receive automatic reminders in email and sms.

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Spend less time on invoicing

Issue a new invoice based on a previous offer or invoice, and manage your tasks.

Simple editing

Edit the invoice and its items on a clean interface.

The list of goods is automatically updated with goods that have been once invoiced so you don’t have to deal with managing them separately.

Invoice history

See next actions and completed tasks, notes, card modifications, emails and attached documents in chronological order.

Sync your tasks with your Google Calendar and smartphone

Simple filters, targeted messaging

Create filters on invoices. Launch email and sms campaigns to custom audiences and see detailed statistics.

Automated follow-up

Set up follow-up sequences to send payment reminders and to prompt your colleagues about customers they need to call.

Detailed statistics

Key customers based on spending, income and receivables, payment deadline.

Statistics on delivery of reminders and openings. By clicking on numbers displayed in each sendout, you get a list of customers who opened your email.

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