How does MiniCRM help marketing professionals?

Customizing marketing campaigns have never been so easy.

It is a database that your colleagues continuously fill up with information.

Customize campaigns?

Your colleagues continuously fill MiniCRM with important information so you can create customized campaigns for your prospects easily.

Reports on sent emails?

MiniCRM shows you how many people have received your email, how many have opened it and how many have clicked on the links.

Outdated email list?

MiniCRM records who has opened your emails and who has unsubscribed. The system only sends an email to an email address once irrespective of how many times it is written on the list.

Repetitive newsletters?

Create templates in MiniCRM. Insert variables to save time but still send personalized emails to subscribers.
Tip: Use one of the default templates already in MiniCRM.

Why MiniCRM?

As a marketing professional, you are responsible for generating leads that are most likely to turn into customers.
Check what products customers have bought previously so you can target them with campaigns. Send promotional emails that are most relevant to your customers or product descriptions to newsletter subscribers. Measure how many people have clicked on links in the emails. Create A/B tests for your campaigns. Use default templates in MiniCRM, or create new ones.