Sales automation for professionals

Manage customers. Increase your income and sales efficiency.

Customers and tasks

All customers in one system - accessible anytime, anywhere. Up-to-date system with complete customer history.

Automatically organized

By managing tasks, leads and customers are moved forward automatically in the sales pipeline.

Notifications help you remember what to do, and make sure you never forget important customers.

Complete customer history

Next action, tasks already completed, notes, card modifications, emails and attached documents are arranged in chronological order. Sync your tasks with your Google Calendar and smartphone.

Customizable cards

Store every information in MiniCRM that is important for you. You don’t need a programmer to tailor your system to your needs.

Create filters based on customer data so you can send email and sms messages to the lists specified, or upload customer data to Google Spreadsheets to analyse them in detail.

Web forms on your website

Leads are added directly from your website to MiniCRM. You receive a notification email about it and you may start follow-up sequences. No more forgotten leads.

By using Google Analytics integration, you will see which campaigns generate more customers.

Automated processes

Set follow-up sequences to send SMS and email messages, or assign tasks automatically to your colleagues by using templates.

If a customer gets stuck in the sales process, the sales representative who is responsible for the customer receives a notification email.

Actionable reports

Not just numbers and lists. By using reports it is easy to analyze the sales performance and define actions to take to increase efficiency.

To every project belongs a person who is responsible for it. Check the closing rates of projects by salespersons. See reports on the steps of sales process (where customers got stuck), key customers, or campaigns generating the highest income.