Bulk Editing

In MiniCRM, admins can edit several contact data and field values simultaneously.

It happens in 3 steps:

1. Step: Export list of filtered cards

To bulk edit, you have to export data.

To export, choose a saved filter within a selected module [1.1.] and click on the [Export] > Excel option [1.2.].



For more information, see: Filters

2. Step: Modifying data

Because of the set filter conditions, only those clients’ data will be shown in the Excel table whose cards are filtered and you want to edit [2.1.].


Every row is equal to a client’s card and every column is equal to a field in MiniCRM.

Rewrite the values in cells and save the modified table.

It is not allowed to type only numbers in checkboxes so type some text as well into the table. Email address and phone number fields won’t be overwritten during bulk editing. New data will be imported as default and the existing ones remain the same.

If you don’t need a row or column, you can delete it from the table. Keep in mind that if you keep a column in the table but delete its values, those values will remain unchanged in the system after import. The reason is to prevent you from data loss.

However, you must not delete the Id, Company: Business name or Person1: First name columns! It is so because the system identifies clients and cards based on these fields.

3. Step: Import edited data

To import the modified .XLS file into the selected module of MiniCRM, click on the [New…] > Import option [3.1.].


After the import, the system identifies the relevant clients and their cards based on the Id so bulk editing is carried out on the existing cards based on the columns of the table.

Before starting the import, check the modified table carefully because in case of bulk editing the import cannot be deleted.